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    Oily Skin - Acne Treatment

    Oily Skin Care Set

    Skincare routine for Oily Skin and Acne remedies

    To produce our, most loved by our clients, skincare for Oily Skin, we use solar infusions of organic herbs in organic vegetable oils, which we produce with love and care, that balance oily and acne prone skin, to donate the healthy glow that an oily skin desires.

    6 All Natural Essential Skincare Products that rebalance your skin and donate to your skin the right hydration, nutrition and protection it needs to be healthy and glowing:

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    Step-by-Step Essential Skincare for Oily and Acne Prone Skin

    1. Cleanse

    Use the two steps cleansing method, twice daily.

    -1st. Apply on your face the Botanical Natural Cleansing Oil for Oily Skin, a gentle, effective cleanser that gently cleanses, nourishes and protects your skin and massage gently with circular movements. Wipe with a soft washcloth.

    -2nd. Use the Organic Natural Fresh Soap under running lukewarm water to make a thick foam; apply the foam on your face and massage gently. Rinse with plenty fresh water and wipe with a soft washcloth.

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    2. Tone

    Apply the Clarifying Lotion with Peppermint, an alcohol-free toner loaded with antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients. This is a very important step, especially for oily skin.

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    3. Serum

    Apply a few drops of the Anti-Acne Serum on the face and massage gently, avoiding the eye area, until complete absorption.

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    4. Day Cream for Rebalance and Moisturise the skin and Sun Protection

    Apply a small amount of the Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream with Melissa, Q10 and Edelweiss, a cream with sun protection and massage gently until complete absorption.

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    5. Night Cream for Rebalance and Nourish the skin

    Apply a small amount of the Camellia sinensis and Frankincense All Natural Moisturising and Revitalising Herbal Cream and softly massage until complete absorption.

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    Using the set every day will last for as long as 3 months.

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    The 6 All Natural Skincare Products of the set for Normal Skin, worth £216.00, but you can buy the set from our online shop for £170.00

    The 6 All Natural Skincare Products of this set come in assorted free gift boxes, making them a beautiful and very welcomed gift.

    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

    To complete the skincare routine, to the set of natural skincare for normal skin, you can add:

  • - an All Natural Herbal Eye Cream,

  • - a Natural Sunscreen with protective antioxidant ingredients and

  • - a Natural Beauty Face Mask to keep your skin healthy, young and flawless.
  • Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies

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    Acne treatment-Oily skin-Acne remedies