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    Dry Skin

    Dry Skin Treatment

    Dry skin occurs when, for some reason, skin loses the ability to retain sufficient moisture. If your skin has the predisposition to be dry, always use sunscreen, even in the winter, to protect effectively your skin.

    Antique Apothecary has professionally created specific all natural skincare products that hydrate, nourish and protect dry skin.

    6 natural Essential Skincare recommended by Antique Apothecary to be used daily, to rebalance dry skin, making it well-hydrated, healthy, youthful and glowing again.

    Step-by-Step Essential Skincare for Dry Skin

    . Cleanse

    Use the two steps cleansing method twice daily.

    1st- Apply on your face the Botanical Natural Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin, a gentle, effective cleanser that gently cleanses, nourishes and protects your skin and massage gently with circular movements. Wipe with a soft washcloth.

    2nd- Use the Herbal Refresh and Protect Hydrating Soap under running lukewarm water to make thick foam; apply the foam on your face and massage gently. Rinse with plenty fresh water and wipe with a soft washcloth. This soap is a chemical free organic natural soap.

    2. Tone

    Apply the Anti-Ageing Moisturising Elixir with May Rose and Royal Orchid that balances and moisturises the skin; it properly prepares the skin to receive all the benefits from the serums and creams that will applied afterwards, as it is the first step in the skin’s moisturising and nourishing process.

    3. Serum

    Apply a few drops of the Anti-Ageing Lifting Serum on the face and massage gently, avoiding the eye area, until complete absorption. This is an inimitable, unique serum with anti-oxidant properties that restores and strengthens skin's natural defences.

    4. Day Cream to Rebalance and Moisturise the skin and Sun Protection

    Apply a small amount of the Rose Otto and Frankincense Dream Revitalising Anti-Wrinkle Herbal Cream, a cream with sun protection and massage gently until complete absorption. This botanical natural cream helps your skin to boost collagen synthesis, reduce wrinkles and donates smoothness, elasticity and suppleness to the skin.

    5. Night Cream to Rebalance and Nourish the skin

    Apply a small amount of the Royal Orchid and Helichrysum italicum Total Renewal and Anti-Ageing Herbal Cream and softly massage until complete absorption. This is an active regenerating and powerful antioxidant night cream that has a remarkable efficacy on healing and restoring integrity, tone and suppleness of mature skin, repairing and regenerating damaged skin and fighting against the effects of ageing and stress.

    Using the set every day will last for as long as 3 months.

    The 6 All Natural Skincare Products of the set for Normal Skin, worth £270.00, but you can buy the set from our online shop for £215.00

    The 6 All Natural Skincare Products of this set come in assorted free gift boxes, making them a beautiful and very welcomed gift.

    To complete the skincare routine, to the set of natural skincare for normal skin, you can add:

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