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    OVERVIEW: Christmas Joy! The nostalgic scent of Christmas in a bottle! Bring a friendly and warm Christmas atmosphere to your home! Spray for instant Christmassy feel and spirit and be admired by your friends!

    A spicy festive fragrance, opening with fruity notes of spiced apple, plum, red berries, clementine and sweet orange, warmed with spicy notes of clove, cinnamon, anise, ginger, cardamon and nutmeg, based on a warm and refined amber heart note, combined with a delicate honey and vanilla background! The perfect Christmas holiday scent! This spray is ideal to perfume your home and recreate the warm Christmas atmosphere for you, your family and guests. A real delight! Perfect gift for the ideal hostess!

    ABOUT THE PRODUCT: This room mist, in a very special price, has been formulated using exclusively natural ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils (the same we use to formulate out 100% natural skincare) and natural cosmetic fragrances.

    Without preservatives, harmful solvents or synthetic perfumes, this room mist is 100% of natural origin and respectful of the nature, while bringing you a pure moment of sensory well-being with its wonderful winter holiday scent. A real moment of pleasure and happiness!

    ABOUT THE KEY INGREDIENTS: Ginger therapeutic grade essential oil; re-energise and revitalise body, mind and soul, with its pungent but very pleasant scent. Clove therapeutic grade essential oil; has a sweet, spicy fragrance that is stimulating and revitalising. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices in the world! Cinnamon therapeutic grade essential oil with its warm, spicy aroma has been sought throughout the ages for its ability to improve wellness. Amber therapeutic grade essential oil; an oil with full-bodied, earthy fragrance! The aroma of Amber is truly special, rich, resinous, very warm and deeply sweet with an undertone of floral citrus.

    ABOUT THE PACKAGING: We offer this 100% natural room spray in a lightweight, stylish, durable and convenient aluminium bottle of 125mlbrush effect finish, with black mini lockable trigger spray nozzle, to prevent accidental use. This allows you to easily transport and use your product whenever you are. The bottle is lined with resin, ensuring the product does not come into direct contact with the aluminium.

    HOW TO USE: Spray in the room and also right on the Christmas tree from at least 20cm away, by pointing the spray upwards. You can also spray, from at least 20cm away, on fabrics, but test it first in a discrete area.

    PROPERTIES: 100% natural product, without preservatives, harmful solvents or synthetic perfumes.

    PRECAUTIONS: Stay safe! Do not spray on the body. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid spraying immediately near children, pets or people with breathing difficulties.

    Store your bottle away from light and heat, to enjoy its spicy festive fragrance much longer. Shake before use.

    PRESERVATION: Well preserved this product can be kept at least 6 months.

    At ANTIQUE APOTHECARY we’d like to thank our customers for shopping online with us, so with every order we’ll enclose free samples (5ml) of our pure and natural skincare products (offer subject to availability) for you to make new beauty discoveries and also appreciate the quality of our pure and natural skincare products.



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