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    Face Oil

    Best Natural Face Oil for Perfect Skin

    Anti Ageing Serum

    Face oil - Facial oil - Anti Ageing Serum


    Light and easily absorbed, our rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, “Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Natural Facial Oil” not only exerts a soothing and protective function on the skin during cold or hot weather, but also rebalances skin’s moisture and helps reduce lines and wrinkles leaving the skin more supple, deeply rejuvenated and radiant. Best Natural Face Oil for Perfect Skin!



    Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Natural Facial Oil


    Moisturising, Nutritive and Rejuvenating, our "Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Natural Facial Oil" is herbalist specifically formulated, to firm and delight all skin types, including not well hydrated or stressed skin that starts to show lack of elasticity and firmness.


    A lightweight, but powerful face oil that nourishes the skin, provides deep hydration and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkle, plumping your skin's appearance. With its anti-oxidant properties and the protection that gives to the skin against harsh environments, your skin feels healthier and smoother, looking beautiful and glowing.


    Excellent moisturiser.

    Anti Ageing and Plumping properties.

    Nourishes, Soothes and Protects all skin types.

    Donates health and beauty to the skin.


    Best Natural Face Oil for Perfect Skin. Daily treatment with this facial oil helps replenish the skin for a visibly healthier, smoother and glowing appearance, thanks to its 100% natural ingredients, such as Argan, Evening primrose, Yarrow and Rosehip.


    Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Natural Facial Oil comes in a 30ml hand-filled Miron Violettglas bottle with spray.

    As all Antique Apothecary BioSkincare natural skin care products, "Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Natural Facial Oil" comes in assorted free gift boxes.


    Apply few drops of this wonderful all natural facial oil and feel its beneficial action on your skin. Apply morning and evening few drops on clean, slightly moist skin, after your toner/lotion and gently massage the skin upwards and circular, until total absorption.

    For a glowing complexion, after the "Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Natural Facial Oil", apply on the skin the following Natural Face Creams, depending of your skin type:

    Always remember that at Antique Apothecary you will find the right 100% pure and natural skincare, whatever your skin type and concern.

    Face Oil - Best Natural Face Oil for perfect skin - Anti Ageing Rejuvenating Hydrating Natural Facial Oil

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