Natural and Organic Beauty Gifts

Natural and Organic Beauty Gifts

Natural and Organic Gift Ideas by Antique Apothecary

Natural and Organic Gift Ideas for any occasion

Discover the power of Nature with Natural Skin Care by Antique Apothecary. Precious serums of very high quality and effective skin creams, for a visibly more beautiful skin, intensely hydrated and nourished.

Find the perfect gift and surprise all your loved ones with our original natural and authentic gift ideas!

Free joyful boxes, stylish jars and bottles, fantastic products.

We have selected for you the most beautiful gifts, to share the pleasure of Natural and Organic Skin Care and Herbal Remedies, at very reasonable prices!

Introduce your loved ones to our all natural small treasures, by offering them the finest natural products! There is something for everyone!


Fall for our 100% Natural selection of beautiful finds and original ideas to delight your loved ones at very sweet prices!

Organic Pure and Natural Soaps! (£5.00). ANTIQUE APOTHECARY has developed, with care and love, superior quality organic soap-blend formulations, for all the family, using the best natural organic ingredients, which go far beyond the simple cleaning action.

All our soaps come in 50gr assorted shapes soap bars, beautifully wrapped in free assorted gift boxes and packages

Soothing Refreshing Balm (£9.00) by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a soothing and gentle balm for dry and sensitive skin, very helpful during the onset of diaper rashes and chapped skin. A wonderful product to have around the home, as it is an all around soothing balm for moments of discomfort and skin irritation.

Organic Natural Hand Skin Care (£16.00) Organic Beauty Balm for Nails and Cuticles with Frankincense and Myrrh by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (15ml) is a natural, essential day and night care for beautiful, healthy and strong nails and cuticles.

Golden Shield Luxurious Herbal Face Oil (£20.00)

Golden Shield Luxurious Herbal Face Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (30ml) is especially designed to protect sensitive skin throughout the day and help you cancel the signs of time.

It protects your skin against the elements in the city and beyond. As well as its protecting role, it supports natural collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidant ingredients, it fights the negative effects of pollution on your skin.


A superb selection of Natural and magical treasures to help you find the perfect gift for everyone you love!

The Intense Hydrating Protecting Nourishing Cream (£27.00) of ATHINÀ SERIES is a deliciously sweet and honey scented softening and velvety cream (30ml) which aims to provide deep hydration, thorough protection and effective nutrition for all skin types. A real delight!

Sun and Beauty (£29) Natural Sunscreen (30ml) by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY, offers all year round natural sun protection without chemical filters and without nanoparticles, has an SPF 30, which means that this cream has the property to block 93% of UVB rays. It is an essential beauty care during your holiday, which naturally will take care of your skin, without whitening effects.

Rose Otto and Frankincense Beauty Balm (32.00) by Antique Apothecary is a luxuriously thick, all-purposes beauty balm and a must for healthy and happy skin. Beauty Balm (15ml) rich in nourishing and anti-oxidant natural ingredients, which strengthens skin naturally and helps restore skin's youthful glow, donating a healthy and radiant complexion and a naturally beautiful skin.

Regenerating Cream with Siberian Ginseng and Kelp (£43.00) by Antique Apothecary is an ultra-rich night cream full of natural anti-ageing active ingredients to help skin restore itself at night. A high-performance moisturiser (15ml) that intensively energises skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps restore and prolong a healthy youthful skin.

Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream with Melissa, Q10 and Edelweiss (£49.00) by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Winter formula, 30ml) is a lovely light cream, especially designed to give to oily, combination or acne prone skin a beautiful, healthy and wrinkle free complexion, due to its incredible antioxidant properties and is made with love and care for the most delicate skin in the world, for teenagers and for those who experience problematic skin and wish to find their beautiful and healthy skin.


Moments out of time and wonderful gifts with this exceptional selection that will sparkle the eyes of your loved ones.

Triple Action Ete Lift Cream (£68.00) Natural and Organic Eye Cream (15ml) for very dry skin, mature skin, tired skin and environmentally damaged skin. With continued use, day and night, of Triple Action Eye Lift Cream, your skin around the eye area will appear more toned, radiant and fresh, as it is well moisturised; tissues are now firm, the appearance of dark circles is reduced, while puffiness, eye bags and wrinkles are less visible.

Rose Otto and Frankincense Dream Revitalising Anti-Wrinkle Herbal Cream + Anti-Ageing Lifting Serum (£69.00): Winning combination! Wipe wrinkles away with our incredible duo, which provides 24 hours of significant moisture for a healthy and beautiful skin.

If you have oily, sensitive, reactive skin, the combination of the professional skin care products for oily skin treatment by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (£69.00) Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream with Melissa officinalis, Q10 and Edelweiss (30ml in Miron Violettglass jar) -a cream suitable for sensitive skin, particularly prone to acne and also a very pleasant cream during summer time- and Anti-Acne Serum (30ml in Miron Violettglas bottle with pipette) is for you!


Choose from our all natural collection of skin care the perfect luxury gift that will delight your loved ones!

Rose Otto and Frankincense Dream Revitalising Anti-Wrinkle Herbal Cream (£70.00) (30ml) by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY formulated specifically for normal to dry skin, is the ideal cream for all types of skin, including sensitive, unbalanced, irritated, premature aged, dehydrated skin, environmental damaged skin.

Best Anti Aging Cream (£82.00); Royal Orchid and Helichrysum italicum Total Renewal Anti-Ageing Herbal Cream by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (30ml), made of powerful natural ingredients, has an anti-oxidant and emollient formula, with powerful anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties, which aims at restoring existing skin's damage, supporting the natural regeneration process of the skin.

Our Essential Skincare for Combination Skin (£140.00) are especially formulated natural skincare products that balance your skin, giving an even skin tone, by deeply nourish dry areas, while controlling oily areas of your skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion and a fresh-looking appearance.

6 All Natural Essential Skincare Products that rebalance your skin and donate to your skin the right hydration, nutrition and protection it needs to be healthy and glowing.

Special skincare products dedicated to very sensitive skin (£190.00) that needs special cure. Botanical, Natural Effective Beauty products especially created to protect, moisturise, nourish very sensitive skin.

6 All Natural Essential Skincare Products to protect your skin, offering the best in natural skincare it needs to be healthy and glowing.

Antique Apothecary has professionally created specific all natural skincare products that hydrate, nourish and protect dry skin. (£215.00)

6 natural Essential Skincare recommended by Antique Apothecary to be used daily, to rebalance dry skin, making it well-hydrated, healthy, youthful and glowing again.

Natural skincare with super-active anti ageing effectiveness, to counteract skin loosening.

Using Ancient Herbal Traditions and Modern Techniques, Antique Apothecary has harvested the beneficiary properties of plants and rare natural ingredients and offers tailor made Natural Skin Care Products to those who wish to live well and stay young for longer naturally.

Antique Apothecary has the right natural holistic anti ageing product for you.



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