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About Us

Antique Apothecary is the brainchild of Elena, the founder and resident herbalist of the company.

Elena has used her medical studies in Italy and her diplomas in Herbal Medicine and Diet and Nutrition to expertly select, mix and formulate the best recipes for great skin and overall mental and physical well-being.

Elena is passionate about educating people about the power and effectiveness of natural herbs and oils not only for beauty abut also for physical and mental wellness. She is very happy to answer customers questions as to how to address complex beauty and wellness issues.

Project Beauty - Project Health

In fact, Elena has based Antique Apothecary on Hippocrates’s holistic approach. Using knowledge and experience from the family’s 4 generation Greek well-being recipes, Elena creates formulations for skincare, herbal teas, body oils, home scents and herbal remedies and pharmacy for all.

All Antique Apothecary’s holistic, natural skincare and well-being products aim to improve the functioning and health of the skin in a holistic way, make the skin healthier and arm it so that it can prevent and fight the signs of premature ageing.

You can choose the right skincare treatment for your skin type and concern. You can then make sure you supplement the powerful action of the skincare with the relevant herbal teas, oils, bath salts and home scents. All driven to ensure you get the most out of the powerful ingredients and expertly crafted formulations. All without the use of ready-made bases or chemicals which can cause allergy to sensitive skin. Only exquisite handmade natural products using Soil Association Certified Organic ingredients.

Elena painstakingly sources the best natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils, creates Solar infused oils, Hydrosols, whole plant Extracts and unique Tinctures to be used in the products and meticulously tries out various recipes she develops to get the best formulations for products that are natural, effective and luxuriously distinctive.

Elena’s love for excellence and attention to detail does not stop to the formulation and development of the products. It extends to the tamper-proof packaging, the Miron Violettglas containers, with anti-bacterial properties as they only let UV light pass through its surface and included spatula to ensure the products reach you and stay as fresh and clean as possible.

Antique Apothecary is not just skincare. It’s a way of life to the best you. Simple. Natural.

About Our Products

Raising the standards in Natural Health and Beauty since 2009, Antique Apothecary products are Antioxidant-Packed, Vitamin-Infused, Pollution-Blocking and effectiveness- bursting natural solutions for all the family.

Antique Apothecary products contain Natural Active Ingredients, especially combined in unique formulations, which release new forces and revitalise face, body and mind.

We carefully select the best Organic Natural Ingredients.

We produce most of the plant and flower extracts that we use in our natural skin care products. Our Natural Plant and Flower Extracts transform our powerful and effective skin care products in amazing Beauty Treatments with antioxidant properties, for Facial Rejuvenation, Youthful Suppleness and Total Wellness.

We always use Organic Hydrosols, instead of water, which we manufacture in our laboratory, using flower petals free of chemicals and preservatives.

We select the best Organic Carrier Oils and Organic fresh and dried Herbs to handcraft patiently and professionally with care and love the best infused oils.

Unique Products as Antique Apothecary Skin Care needs unique packaging, such as the Miron Violetglass jars and bottles, acting as the most ecological preservative in the world.

So, whether you are looking to:

  • Improve skin tone, texture and health
  • Rejuvenate and revitalise damaged skin
  • Smooth away fine lines
  • Soften expression lines
  • Address a specific skin condition
  • Lose weight and transform yourself
  • Stay young for longer

Look no further. Antique Apothecary has the right holistic health and beauty product for you.

All Antique Apothecary products undergo tough microbiological tests. In them you will find No artificial fragrances.

Antique Apothecary holistic organic health, beauty products for holistic well-being are genuinely 100% pure 100% natural. Antique Apothecary proudly declares that it has never used and never will use allergenic fragrance substances, such as LINALOOL, (D)-LIMONENE, CITRAL, CITRONELLOL, EUGENOL, GERANIOL and other substances frequently reported as well-recognised contact allergens in consumers. Our holistic health and beauty products are naturally preserved (essential oils, vitamins, herbal extracts); however, where products do need to be preserved, we use a food grade preservative, which occurs naturally in some berries. No additives, no chemicals, no harsh preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no parabens, no EDTA.

Our aim is to offer ethical, luxurious but affordable, high end 100% natural, 100% pure holistic natural products for health and beauty that are designed to help the whole family to be naturally healthy and naturally beautiful.

Our Philosophy

Fusing the principles of classic Greek philosophy and Hippocrates medicine with modern science, our treatments aim to boost energy levels and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Our herbalist is at hand to help you choose the right treatment and to help you achieve your Health and Beauty wellness goals.

If you are happy with our 100% Pure and Natural Skin Care and service, review us on our website or Google. We will respond back with your 10% discount code for your next order!

Raising the standards in Natural Health and Beauty since 2009, by creating the Best

Natural and Organic Skincare Products

Where Nature and Luxury MeetTM

Antique Apothecary's Commitment:

  • Every single Natural Skincare Product is created professionally with care and passion, to ensure that all natural skincare products are of high quality, healthy, effective, safe, compatible and with optimal tolerability for us and our world.
  • Antique Apothecary's priority is to use top quality, pharmaceutical grade, wild-crafted and organic, plant based ingredients.
  • We formulate and create our natural skincare in small batches and with strict controls, in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) from the selection of the all natural ingredients through the finished natural skincare product.
  • Clear labelling and transparent INCI name declaration for all the used ingredients.
  • No animal or genetically modified substances.
  • All our natural skincare products go through microbiological tests by an independent laboratory.
  • The result is state-of-art natural and effective skincare solutions for all skin care concerns.



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