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    Health & Wellbeing; Herbal Teas;

    To help you achieve a holistic well-being status of health and beauty, we recommend the use of Herbal Tea Blends to support your goals. These Teas can be enjoyed alone or taken as a powerful complement to boost your beauty regime. At ANTIQUE APOTHECARY we use only the best organic herbs, of the highest quality, which can aid effectively your health and well-being.

    All ANTIQUE APOTHECARY high quality Herbal Tea Blends are professionally, consciously and lovingly created for you, to help you achieve, maintain and increase your health, beauty and vitality.

    All tea blends are naturally caffeine free and are also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

    HOW TO USE: It is important to know how to prepare correctly infusions and decoctions with herbal remedies.


    By infusion we prepare all fresh or dried herbs (leaves). In a vessel with cover (it is important in order to keep inside the herb’s active ingredients) boil the right quantity of water you need. Take it off of hob. Add the right quantity of herbs you need (generally, 1 teaspoon of dried herb or 2 to 3 teaspoons of fresh herbs) and leave it covered for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and drink as prescribed.


    By decoctions we prepare all tough plant materials, such as roots, bark, seeds or stems. In a vessel with cover boil the right quantity of water you need together with the right quantity of dried root (generally 1 to 2 teaspoons). Slowly simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain and drink as prescribed. DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSES.

    Our range of 100% Organic, Naturally Caffeine Free, Herbal Tea Blends:

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Anti-acne Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) is created to help you obtain and maintain healthy looking skin and fight acne (rosacea or vulgaris) from within.

    INGREDIENTS: Agnus castus, Alfalfa, Calendula, Dandelion, Green tea, Lemon balm, Nettles, Red clover, Rosehip.


    DOSE: 1 cup of the infusion, 3 times a day.


    DIET: Drink plenty of spring water. Avoid chocolate, cow's milk, sugars, alcohol. Low fat and carbohydrate. Eat plenty fresh vegetables and fruits.


    SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamins A, B complex (B6 for menstrual acne), C, E and Zinc (25mg daily).

    Recommended to be used with Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream with Melissa and Q10.



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Anti-Ageing Herbal Tea Blend, with anti-oxidant properties, can be used by both women and men, as it:

    • is a source of many valuable nutrients, including biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, vitamins A, B (full family of) C, D, E, K;
    • helps the body defend against various toxins;
    • has a positive effect on the circulatory system, as it strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and reduces the possibility of blood clots and arterial plaques;
    • is helpful in PMS;
    • lowers cholesterol;
    • helps to prevent osteoporosis;
    • limits the development of benign prostate hyperplasia; 
    • It can also aid in flushing the bowels out the built up toxins;
    • it is diuretic and may increase immune system functionality. 

    INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa, Centella asiatica, Ginkgo, Hawthorn, Immortelle, Jasmine, Nettles, Red clover, Sage

    Recommended to be used with: 




    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Anti-cellulite Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) is professionally created to help you combat cellulite and also obtain and maintain a healthy skin.

    INGREDIENTS: Agnus castus,  Aniseed, Borage, Dandelion, Gotu kola, Parsley, Peppermint.

    Recommended use: 1 cup, morning and evening.


    • Drink plenty of spring water. 
    • Reduce calories intake (avoid sugar, fats, alcohol, white flour products, bacon, ham, etc). 
    • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, low-fat yoghurt, whole grain cereals, beans, chicken, little lean meat, poached eggs. 

    • No smoking. 
    • Adopt an alternative to contraceptive pill.

    Herbal tea recommended to be used with:  

    Anti-cellulite Therapeutic Luxurious Herbal Balm  


    Detoxifying Bath Salts   or   Anti-stress Rebalancing Bath Salts



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for new mums (Infusion) is designed to help you relax and encourage the flow of breast milk. It also contains herbs that will aid your baby's digestion. Drink 1 or 2 cups daily.

    INGREDIENTS: Aniseed, Borage, Dandelion, Dill, Horsetail, Nettles, Peppermint, Raspberry leaf, Strawberry leaves, Rose petals.



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Calming Herbal Tea Blend for Children (+6 months old) (Infusion) is created to help children with nervous background.

    There are a variety of factors to consider in behavioural problems, which can attribute to physical and emotional causes. For instance, 

    • acute infections can cause a change of mood; 
    • constipation and accumulation of toxins in the body can cause irritability; 
    • food additives (junk food - soft drinks - sweets) can affect children's temperament; 
    • allergies can cause insomnia and aggression; 
    • heavy metal toxicity and cars' fumes can also affect behaviour; 
    • emotional stress, exposure to television radiation and/or fluorescent lighting and 
    • other causes may also affect children's behaviour.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Calming Herbal Tea Blend for Children may be of help in:

    • eliminating toxins;
    • easing nervousness and hyperactivity;
    • toning the nervous system;
    • aiding the sleep.

    INGREDIENTS: Hops, Lime flowers, Passion flower, Red clover, Roman chamomile, Skullcap.

    Recommended to be use with:

    Refreshing Restoring Bath Salts



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for children’s mild fever (+6 months old) (Infusion) is created to help the little ones feel better! It is recommended that parents with small children keep it on hand.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for children’s mild fever help in:

    • stimulating circulation;
    • promoting sweating and relieving fevers;
    • fighting cold and flu and shortening their duration;
    • promoting elimination of toxins;
    • helping improve relaxation during illness and relieving cramps associated with hormones or illness.

    INGREDIENTS: Catmint, Lemon balm, Marigold, Peppermint, Roman chamomile, Yarrow

    If necessary, sweeten with some honey.

    PLEASE READ: If a baby has fever together with irritability, misbehaviour and continuous complain he/she may need complete medical treatment (antipyretics, antibiotics). Convulsions may occur with fever; keep cool the feverish child, in order to avoid convulsions, by removing most of his/her clothes to help him/her to lose heat through the skin. Fruit juices may be of help. No solid food.



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for children’s colic (Infusion) (+6 months oldis a mildly stimulating herbal tea blend with pleasant taste that helps nervous and digestive systems and is recommended that parents with small children keep it on hand. 

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for children’s colic helps to: 

    • calm upset stomachs, dyspepsia, nausea, diarrhoea and colic;
    • improve digestion, expel intestinal gas and fight infections;
    • normalise appetite and cleanse the liver.

    Use: Few teaspoons frequently, in presence of colic symptoms.

    INGREDIENTS: Roman chamomile, Anissed, Catmint and Peppermint. 

    This herbal tea blend will be loved by the little ones and by all mums!

    PLEASE READ: Massive and long continued medication in children (0-12 years old) should be avoided. Anti-depressants for bed-wetting, strong laxatives for chronic constipation or sleeping drugs should not be given to children. Avoid smoking in infants presence, as it may be responsible for crying and digestive symptoms. Remember that fresh prune or carrot juice daily helps children to avoid some complains, such as constipation.



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Energy plus Herbal Tea Blend (infusion) is a delicious morning tea blend, especially when you need more energy. Packed with Vitamins and Minerals, it is an extraordinary tea blend with anti-oxidant properties, which improve nerve cell functions and blood flow to the nervous system and brain, as it combats free radicals and repairs molecular damage. 

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Energy plus Herbal Tea may:

    • strengthen the immune system;
    • stimulate circulation;
    • help to maintain a healthy digestion;
    • ease headaches and dizziness;
    • tone organs and regenerate cells;
    • have calming effect, prevent stress and also act as an anti-depressant.

    INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa, Betony, Ginkgo, Gotu kola, Rosa canina, Rosemary

    Recommended to be use with the:

    Elemi & Centella asiatica Total Anti-wrinkle Balm and 

    All Natural Revitalising Moisturising Herbal Cream



    ARTHRITIS is a systemic inflammatory disease of several joints together, where symptoms like morning stiffness, easy fatigue and nodules on surface of bones (elbows, wrists, fingers) are present.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Healthy Joints Herbal Tea Blend (Decoction) may be of help to alleviate and prevent arthritis symptoms, such as morning stiffness, easy fatigue, nodules on surface of bones, pain.  

    INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa, Black cohosh, Celery seeds, Devil's claw, Echinacea root, Prickly Ash bark, St. John's Wort, White willow bark

    DOSE: 1/2 - 1 cup three times a day.

    DIET: Low salt, low fat, low all dairy products, high fibre, oily fish. Avoid lemons and other citrus fruits.

    DAILY SUPPLEMENTS: Evening primrose capsules (3 X 500mg), Vitamin A (7,500 UI), Vitamin B6 (25mg), Vitamin C (1-3gr), Vitamin E (400 UI), Zinc (25mg)

    TOPICAL: Recommended also the use of: Pain Relief Balm and Pain and Muscular aches Relief Bath Salts. 



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Healthy Circulatory System Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) is created with the aim to help you maintain a healthy circulatory system.

    Risk factors cannot be changed, but by making some lifestyle changes, you may be able to significantly lower the risk of heart and circulatory system damage; for example, adopt a healthy diet, in order to maintain a healthy weight, engage in moderate physical activity, in order to improve heart's and circulatory system's health and avoid tobacco, are key factors for health and well-being.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Healthy Circulatory System Herbal Tea Blend is made with organic, pure, natural herbs that may help you maintain healthy circulatory system.

    INGREDIENTS: Gotu kola (powerful blood tonic - adaptogen - CNS relaxant), Hawthorn (positive heart restorative - improves circulation in coronary arteries), Motherwort (hypotensive - cardiotonic), Olive leaves (vasodilator - hypotensive), Rosemary (circulatory tonic), Yarrow (peripheral vasodilator)

    DOSE: 1 cup a day



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herpes-Cold sores Herbal Tea Blend is a very healthy beverage, full of anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, Vitamins & Minerals, which heal and protect body's cells and molecules.

    It can help in the treatment of cold sores and combat the herpes simplex virus and shingles. 

    It may also have disease preventing and health promoting properties.

    INGREDIENTS: Green tea, Melissa officinalis, Oregano, Rosemary, Self-heal, Thyme

    DIET: Whole foods, high fibre, low fat; eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits; yes to yoghurt and muesli with oats. Take daily one high potency multivitamin and 50mg Zinc (20mg Zinc daily if pregnant - 25mg Zinc daily in nursing mothers) in the presence of symptoms.

    Recommended to be use with:

    ANTIQUE APOTH ECARY Organic Healing Herbal Balm and Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream with Melissa and Q10 



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Natural Constipation Relief Herbal Tea Blend is a very natural and gentle tea blend, with calming, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties:

    • It relaxes the smooth muscles that line the stomach and intestine
    • It may be of help to relieve nausea, heartburn, stress-related flatulence
    • It reduces inflammation and facilitates bowel movement, without acting directly as a purgative 

    INGREDIENTS: Chamomile flowers, Dandelion, Fennel seeds, Senna leaves

    Drink one cup in the evening, prepared with an infusion of 2 teaspoon of the above herbal tea blend for each cup of boiling water.



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Detox Herbal Tea Blend (infusion) is a delicious herbal tea, created to help you increase your overall health and energy.

    When our body gets overwhelmed with toxins, it is difficult for our systems to work properly; the result is fatigue, headaches, insomnia, etc. Some basic rules, in order to alleviate such symptoms are:

    • Increase consumption of food rich in fibres, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, cereals;
    • Drink more water and fresh fruits & vegetables juices and less alcohol, tea & coffee, especially at dinner. It is a very healthy choice to drink herbal teas half an hour before bed;
    • Exercise, light but regularly, increases blood circulation and helps to release toxins through sweat;
    • Take baths at a temperature you like most;
    • In addition you can follow a detox regime and incorporate a detox herbal tea during the detox period;

    Please note that, people with certain health conditions, such as anaemia, diabetes, kidney disease) should perform detox diets only under the supervision of a health care provider. 

    Detox is also unsafe for pregnant or nursing women.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Detox Herbal Tea Blend, packed with organic, anti-oxidant, pure  natural herbal remedies, helps to: 

    • remove toxins compounds from the body; 
    • improve immunity system;
    • heal inflamed and infected mucous membranes;
    • make you feel better, by enhancing and improving your overall health;

    INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa (Bowels - Kidneys), Calendula (Lymphatic glands), Chamomile (Skin), Dandelion (Liver - Urinary track), Echinacea (Immune system), Milk thistle (Liver), Nettles (blood), Peppermint(Digestive system), Red clover (blood)

    Recommended to be use with the:

    Detoxifying Bath Salts 


    Anti-stress Rebalancing Bath Salts 


    Gently Cleaning Relaxing Bath Salts 


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Relax Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) is an excellent aid to reduce nerve tension, excitability, hyperactivity; to subdue relentlessness and induce sleep. Use it before bedtime or with dinner, but also every time you feel that you need it.

    Of interest:

    • Restlessness, the need for constant motion, is common in the elderly and may be associated with varicose veins, neuritis or iron deficiency anaemia and should be treated accordingly.
    • Stress is the major factor in high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and coronary artery disease.
    • Sleep is a physical status which helps with total revitalisation and regeneration of the body. When this is status is disturbed essential regeneration is interrupted. This may be caused by emotional disorders, physical imbalances, age, environmental factors, excessive workload etc. 
    • Holistic treatment is multi-sided and incorporates many methods, including herbal medicine, food supplements, lifestyle changes, diet, exercise.

    Generally speaking, some basic rules to relax and avoid insomnia include:

    • Maintaining a regular sleep schedule.
    • Arranging the bedroom to be comfortable and keeping it at moderate temperature, as excessive heat disturbs sleep.
    • Instead of drinking alcohol, tea or coffee with dinner, prefer a herbal tea that will help you relax.
    • Do not try to solve all the problems during bedtime (work, family, etc); there is always next morning for this.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Relax Herbal Tea Blend is a helpful hand for those who wish to relax and restore their sleep patterns. Regular use of this herbal tea helps you also improve the quality of the sleep.

    INGREDIENTS: Chamomile (stomach), Hops (stomach), Lavender (circulatory system), Lemon balm (heart, stomach), Lime flowers (heart, circulatory system), Passion flower (brain), Valerian (CNS)

    Recommended to be use with the:

    Anti-stress Rebalancing Bath Salts or Gently Cleaning Relaxing Bath Salts 



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Tonic Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) may help you increase the tone of body tissues, assist oxygen-bearing elements in the blood, enhance metabolic processes and promote nutrition, vitality, general Health and Well-being.

    INGREDIENTS: Dandelion, Gotu kola, Hops, Oatstraw, Rosemary.

    The average dose is a cup of infusion before meals.

    Tonics should be taken in small quantities before meals, cold and not frequently repeated. 

    Overuse of tonic herbs may cause discomfort.


    WARNING: Tonic herbs should not be given to a person who is suffering from a cold or flu (which must have first alterative, diaphoretic, diuretic herbs and after the recover take tonic herbs for rebuilding lost energy).


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Winter's Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) may be of help during winter to boost your immune system, in order to resist colds and flu.

    INGREDIENTS: Calendula, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Lemon balm, Nettle, Rosehip, Sage

    Recommended to be used with:  Organic Cold Relief Balm



    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY celebrates Christmas 2017 with the Christmas Herbal Tea Blend (50gr) (infusion with 1/2 teaspoon of herb for each cup).Christmas Herbal Tea Blend is a delicious, full-flavoured tea blend with the colourful and heart warming notes of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cranberry dry fruits, Ginger, Green tea, Nutmeg, Orange, Peppermint, Rose petals and Rosehip.

    Christmas Herbal Tea Blend, in its festive box, is the most welcome and perfect Christmas gift!


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Memory Boost Herbal Tea Blend contains powerful antioxidants, which protect against free radicals that can damage brain cells. Regular consumption of this herbal tea blend may enhance memory and mental alertness and slow brain ageing.


    INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa, Centella asiatica, Ginseng, Green tea, Peppermint, Sage


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Comforting Balancing Refreshing Herbal Tea Blend for Menopause

    A full flavoured and tasty, organic herbal tea infusion, aiming at helping alleviate and reduce menopausal symptoms, balancing hormone levels and, generally, promoting good health. 

    It contains: 

    • Motherwort (it is a relaxing tonic for soothing menopausal changes as it tones and strengthens the nervous system; it is also a hormone balancer and cramp reliever) 
    • Sage leaves (it is helpful for menopausal disturbances, especially hot flashes, anxiety and mood swings) 
    • Dandelion leaves (diuretic, helps the organism detoxify) 
    • Yarrow flowers (it has positive effect on menopausal symptoms) 
    • Red clover flowers (it helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes) 
    • Lemon balm leaves (it can ease many conditions, including insomnia, headaches, menstrual cramps, stress, anxiety, palpitations, tension headaches) 
    • Roman chamomile flowers (it is a traditional remedy for stress, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and restlessness) 
    • Ginkgo biloba leaves (it helps to combat menopausal symptoms associated with mood, depression and concentration) 
    • Wild basil leaves (this herb has a pain killing agent that helps to relieve aches and pains) 
    • Alfalfa leaves (it is rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and phyto-estrogens that can provide hormone balancing effects, reducing hot flashes and moodiness) 
    • Horsetail (it is rich in vitamins and minerals and strengthens the  bones, by increasing mass and flexibility, easy persistant hot flashes, increases energy and reduces fatigue) 
    • Nettles (rich in Vitamin B complex and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, boron, zinc, iron and also a source of vitamin D, it is a crucial nutrient for flexible, healthy bones; it isalso reduces and eliminates headaches, nourishes and support the immune and nervous systems and nourishes and energises the endocrine glands) 
    • Rose petals (Rose petals contain phyto-sterols, which act as building blocks for hormones; they enable the endocrine system to do its job of balancing the hormones, so the body will continue to operate smoothly, particularly during menopause).

    DISCLAIMER: All the information presented herein by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY LTD is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. Do not exceed recommended doses.

    For more information and for any question you may have, please contact us.



    For more information and for any question you may have, please contact us.