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    Men's Skin Care; Formulated especially for Men by a professional herbalist, Natural Skincare for Men by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY help cleanse, moisturise, deeply nourish and protect the skin, leaving the skin visibly refreshed, revitalised and healthy.

    Regularly used,  Natural Skincare for Men by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY, with all natural, organic ingredients, rebalance the skin in a totally natural way.

    All ANTIQUE APOTHECARY's Natural Skincare for Men, as all our products, come in a MIRON Violettglas jars or bottles in order to maintain its exceptional properties and quality over a long time period. Also they come beautifully wrapped in assorted boxes and packages.

    No chemicals. No parabens. No tested on animals. All products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

    Discover our Organic Natural Skincare for Men


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Luxurious Herbal Refresh & Protect Hydrating Soap, packed with the delicate floral notes of Peppermint, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Bergamot, not only smells amazing, but it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and well hydrate; daily use of this soap cleanses gently, purifies and moisturises dry and combination skin, ensuring perfect hygiene and healthier skin.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY has developed, with care and love, superior quality organic soap-blend formulations, for all the family, using the best natural organic ingredients, going far beyond simple cleaning action. Luxuriously rich and creamy, our soaps help your skin be healthier, rebalanced and beautiful. Give your skin the tender touch it deserves with our wonderful natural soaps range, which will nourish and pamper your skin, leaving it clean, nourished, refreshed and beautiful.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY ORGANIC PURE & NATURALSOAPS are beautifully wrapped in environmentally-friendly, greaseproof and breathable EcoWrap paper, which is made of recycled paper, completely biodegradable and free from petrochemicals. 

    All our soaps come in 50gr assorted shapes soap bars, beautifully wrapped in free assorted gift boxes and packages. 

    No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum products, no silicones and, certainly, no perfumes. 

    Our soaps, as all our products, have not been tested on animals and never will be. 


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Clarifying Lotion with Peppermint refreshes and brightens your skin, while tightens pores, prevents blackheads and the appearance of imperfections. This fresh lotion fights blemishes, smoothes the skin and balances the hydrolipidic film of the skin. It removes dead skin cells and accelerates cell renewal.


    Spray this infusion every morning and night on the face just before your day / night cream.


    Peppermint hydrosol; invigorating and refreshing, this hydrosol tightens pores, relieves skin itching and brightens dull complexions.

    White water lily extractrich in nutrients and antioxidants, the water lily is also known for its purifying, beautifying and moisturising properties.


    Whatever the method used for the daily shave routine, the need for a good aftershave lotion is a must to calm irritations and help the skin to recover.

    Antique Apothecary Aftershave Lotion with Yarrow & Comfrey is an 100% natural, soothing and purifying alcohol-free after shave lotion, with a light aromatic citrus fragrance, which hydrates and soothes, while delivering instant freshness.

    How to use: Shake before use. Apply after shaving and before Antique Apothecary Aftershave Lotion with Yarrow & Comfrey: Spray the lotion directly on the skin or in the palms of the hands before and then by light tapping on the areas concerned. Avoid contact with eyes.


    Antique Apothecary Soothing Refreshing Aftershave Gel is a fresh and natural aftershave treatment that soothes irritation that the razor may cause and

    promotes healing while toning pleasantly the skin. 

    How to use: Apply the gel while massaging with light upwards circular movements, until complete absorption of the product.


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream for Men is an “all in one” anti-ageing cream made of 8 powerful organic herbal remedies hydrates, repairs and protects men’s skin appearance. It is a light texture cream that will quickly absorb into the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh. Thanks to its anti-oxidant and emollient formula with anti-inflammatory properties, this cream reduces redness, moistures to all skin types and fights wrinkles. Ideal to be used as aftershave.

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream for Men is a special blend of ingredients, which aims to restore the skin’s condition, while protecting it from the external factors.

    This ultra hydrating all purpose cream moisturises and protects your skin from the 1st application naturally. Applied daily to the face donates a nice fresh complexion, moisturises, refreshes and rebalances the skin, while it helps fight lines and wrinkles.

    This ultra hydrating all purpose cream, with its discreet fragrance of essential oils, will delight all men. It is a complete firming and calming treatment to be applied daily to the face and neck after shaving, for firm, toned, moisturised and lightly fragrant skin, without feeling greasy or sticky. Rich in ultra-moisturizing ingredients, it ensures a soothed, toned plumped skin!

    How this cream works:

    •   It nourishes the skin, by providing the skin with amino-acids essential for the synthesis of collagen.
    •   It re-mineralises the skin, by providing the skin with minerals and trace elements, essential for healthy skin. 
    •  It regenerates the skin, by stimulating skin’s metabolism.
    •  It revitalises and beautifies tired, dull skin.
    • It refines pores, fights wrinkles and defends against free radicals, preventing skin ageing.


    Protect effectively your lips from the sun, the wind and the cold weather with our Protective Lip Balm that gives you long lasting hydration and protection, leaving your lips smooth and healthy. It is a great lip balm to help nourish and tone dry, sensitive skin and an essential care for your lips.


    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY's Natural Clarifying Protective 3-Phase Treatment, for the delicate juvenile acne prone skin, treats in a natural and efficient way problematic, unbalanced skin. It consists in 3 handmade organic skin care products: a soap, a lotion and a cream.

    Fresh Soap  daily use cleanses gently and purifies prone to acne skin, ensuring perfect hygiene and healthier skin. Use  Fresh Soap  to remove skin's impurities and prepare the skin to enjoy at maximum the Lotion's and Cream's benefits. Using lukewarm water make a thick foam to apply on the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Massage gently and rinse with fresh water. Use a soft towel to remove excess water and spray the Lotion on the entire face, avoiding the eye area.

    The clarifying Lotion removes dead skin cells and accelerates cell renewal. It is ideal to unclog the pores, prevent blackheads and the appearance of imperfections. Prepare your skin to receive all the benefits of the Cream, by applying the lotion on the entire face, avoiding the eye area.

    The light moisturising protective Face Cream hydrates the skin, while fighting the appearance of pimples and blackheads, due to its active ingredients effective action against skin impurities. Applied daily this cream is a 100% natural treatment that regulates excess sebum, tightens pores and prevents blemishes.

    Daily use of ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Natural Clarifying Protective 3-Phase Treatment donates you the healthy and beautiful skin you dream of.


    • Ayurvedic plants Indian madder, Water hyssop, False daisy infused in organic cucumber seed oil;
    • Melissa officinalis, Peppermint, Tea tree hydrosols; 
    • Aloe vera juice powder;
    • Eucalyptus, Ho wood, Patchouli, Lemon essential oils.
    All fabulous ingredients for a healthy and beautiful skin.

    IMPORTANT: ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Natural Clarifying Protective 3-Phase Treatment skin care products, as all our products, come in MIRON violettglas bottles (30ml, beautifully wrapped in free assorted boxes and packages) in order to maintain their exceptional properties and quality over a long time period. 

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Skincare for Men are not only a special treat to you, but also the perfect gift for him! Dad, Husband, Brother, Boyfriend, Friend.

    A truly unique gift that will be loved and very appreciated by all ages and for every occasion!

    Ideal as Birthday presents, Christmas presents, “Thank you” presents!

    ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Organic Natural Skincare for Men, as all our products, are free from any kind of chemical ingredients, which can have unpleasant side effects and fragrance ingredients that appear to be natural, but may cause skin allergies and breathing irritations.

    All our Organic Natural Skincare for Men, such as Lotions, Creams, Oils, Balms, aim to improve the functioning of the skin, making the skin healthier and preventing and diminishing the signs of premature ageing, fine lines, age spots, redness, acne, spider veins.

    All the ingredients of ANTIQUE APOTHECARY's Organic Natural Skincare for Men work to nourish and moisturise the skin in all its layers, from the very external (epidermis) to the most internal one (sub-cutaneous) in a healthy and natural way. Because, if we are trying to maintain a body free from of every kind toxins, the right decision to make is to choose Pure and Natural Organic Skin Care Products.

    At ANTIQUE APOTHECARY, we’d like to thank our customers for shopping online with us, so with every order we’ll enclose free samples (5ml) of our pure & natural skincare products (offer subject to availability).

    However, you can make new beauty discoveries and also appreciate the quality of our pure & natural skincare products, by purchasing our trial size skincare samples.

    Thanks for shopping with us!




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