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With all orders between 18 and 26 March you can enjoy free delivery and a handmade necklace, especially crafted for Antique Apothecary, which represents a ginkgo biloba leaf, symbol of longevity and love.

Organic Baby Skin Care - Natural Skin Care for Mums; 

My Baby’s Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is an award winning wonderful natural blend of handmade solar infused herbal oils, with 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils, in an especially invented combination to nourish and protect any delicate skin. It is so pure and gentle that is suitable also for new-born babies.

Best Organic Skin Care Gifts for Mother and Baby.

No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum products and certainly no perfumes. 

Organic herbal remedies; ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for new mums (Infusion) is designed to help you relax and encourage the flow of breast milk. It also contains herbs that will aid your baby's digestion.

Natural Beauty ProductsRose & Frankincense Beauty Balm by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a multi-purpose beauty balm with tonic, regenerating and firming properties and is ideal to "boost" the skin, revitalise dull complexion, while fighting fine lines. It is an essential skin care for mums to help them cope with sleepless nights. 

Natural Skincare Products UK; Rescue Face Cream with Jasmine by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY provides deep hydration and has a stimulating effect on the micro-circulation of the skin, thus actively helping to lessen redness and calm irritated skin and is therefore the ideal companion to protect reddened, inflamed, sensitive, stressed skin.

Organic Skincare UK; Anti-Stress Face Cream with Edelweiss by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY deeply calms the skin, eliminating stress and fatigue, whether physical or emotional, while deeply moisturises, smoothes and regenerates it.

Best Organic Moisturiser; Pure & Natural Cream Athinà (Αθηνά) Crème Sans Rival Supreme Anti-Ageing Cream with Mediterranean ingredients for youthful and radiant complexion for all skin types. The unique, 100% natural, anti-oxidant formula increases skin’s elasticity, by increasing hydration, reduces the appearance of wrinkle deepness, protects from premature ageing of the skin,helps rebuild collagen.

Skin Care Elixirs; Anti-Ageing Invigorating Tonic Lotion with Rose Otto ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a divine lotion enriched with active anti-ageing constituents.


Organic Herbal Teas; ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Calming Herbal Tea Blend for Children (+6 months old) (Infusion) is created to help children sleep and ease hyperactivity.


Organic Herbal Teas; ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for children’s mild fever (+6 months old) (Infusion) is created to help the little ones feel better! It is recommended that parents with small children keep it on hand.

Organic Herbal Teas; ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for children’s colic (Infusion) (+6 months old) is a mildly stimulating herbal tea blend with pleasant taste that calm upset stomachs, dyspepsia, nausea, diarrhoea and colic; improve digestion and normalise appetite. 

Organic Baby Skin Care; Soothing Refreshing Balm by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY

A wonderful product to have around the home, as it is an all-around soothing balm for moments of discomfort and skin irritation.

Organic Pharmacy - Organic Herbal Remedies; Organic Cold Relief Balm by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a wonderful natural blend of handmade solar infused herbal oils, with 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils and in a base of natural, pure and organic beeswax specially formulated to promote easier breathing through those congested times.

Organic Eczema Treatment - Sensitive Skin Care; Organic Balm for Eczema by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is an effective balm for dry, irritable, chapped skin, with eczema, especially infant eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Replenishes, Moisturises Sensitive Irritable Skin

Organic Skin Treatment; Organic Healing Herbal Balm by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY, made of 8 powerful organic herbal remedies, is a fabulous all-purpose balm and an essential product for all homes, to comfort skin irritation. It is a soothing balm for dry, chapped and sensitive skin. It is great for children and also for adults. It is helpful when rapid epithelisation process in damaged skin tissue is required, eczema, punctured wounds, painful piles, sores that refuse to heal.

Exceptional product! Organic Natural Baby Soap by Antique Apothecary

Baby skin requires extra care, so a good bar of handmade soap is ideal. Organic Natural Baby Soap by Antique Apothecary, made with Calendula petals, Oatmeal and Donkey milk is a lovely soothing soap for babies, toddlers and those with very sensitive and reactive skin and can be used every day.



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