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Holistic treatment has been valued for its preventive approach and is a multi-sided approach to the same problem and incorporates many methods, including herbal medicine, sensible lifestyle changes, balanced diet and adequate regular exercise.


For your natural and holistic health and wellbeing browse through our pure, natural, organic remedies, to discover the holistic treatments that are best for you.






Anti-acne Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion) is created to help you obtain and maintain healthy looking skin and fight acne (rosacea or vulgaris) from within.


Fresh Soap by Antique Apothecary is 100% Organic and part of the Natural Clarifying Protective 3-Phase Treatment, which daily use cleanses gently and purifies prone to acne skin, ensuring perfect hygiene and healthier skin.


Clarifying Lotion with Peppermint by Antique Apothecary refreshes and brightens your skin, while tightens pores, prevents blackheads and the appearance of imperfections.


Anti-Redness Elixir for Rosacea by Antique Apothecary is a rich beauty elixir that soothes rosacea and couperose, calms redness and flushes and makes stronger thin fragile skin with natural active ingredients, while providing anti-ageing effect on the skin.


Rescue Face Cream with Jasmine by Antique Apothecary provides deep hydration and has a stimulating “youth booster” effect on the micro-circulation of the skin, thus actively helping to lessen redness and is therefore the ideal companion to protect reddened, inflamed, sensitive, stressed skin. 


Refreshing Rebalancing Herbal Cream with Melissa, Q10 & Edelweiss by Antique Apothecary is especially designed to give to oily, combination or acne prone skin a beautiful, healthy and wrinkle free complexion.


ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Luxurious Herbal Refresh & Protect Hydrating Soap, packed with the delicate floral notes of Peppermint, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Bergamot, not only smells amazing, but it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and well hydrated.





Enhance your beauty from within as well, with our lovely Anti-ageing Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY with anti-oxidant properties.


Beautifying Luxurious Herbal Body Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY awakens the body and stimulates the soul, adding a touch of luxury.


Royal Orchid & Helichrysum italicum Total Renewal & Anti-Ageing Herbal Cream by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY

This active regenerating and powerful antioxidant cream fights the signs of ageing and helps protect the skin. 

Rose & Frankincense DreamRevitalising Anti-Wrinkle Herbal Cream by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY helps the rejuvenation of the skin, as -due to its rare and precious ingredients- it stimulates the production of elastine by fibroblasts; elastine gives to the skin its elasticity, but the synthesis of elastine decreases with age, causing sagging skin.

Athinà (Αθηνά) CrèmeSans Rival Supreme Anti-Ageing Cream with Mediterranean ingredients for youthful and radiant complexion for all skin types. The unique, 100% natural, anti-oxidant formula increases skin’s elasticity, by increasing hydration, reduces the appearance of wrinkle deepness, protects from premature ageing of the skin, helps rebuild collagen.

Anti-Ageing Lifting Herbal Serum by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is an inimitable, unique serum with anti-oxidant properties, based on a complex and powerful combination, able to firm and lift the skin, by fighting wrinkles. The result is a beautiful, firm skin, with youthful appearance, without the signs of ageing and tiredness, by restoring and strengthening skin's natural defences.

Anti-Ageing Herbal Cleansing Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is the most effective one-stop method to remove impurities and built-up during the day, without drying the skin while protecting the skin and donating to it softness, smoothness and elasticity day after day. It also prepares the skin to receive all the benefits from the day/night skincare, as it leaves the skin balanced and well-hydrated.


Nutritive Anti-Ageing Bath Salts with Apricot Extract by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY 

has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effect and is suited for mature skin. It promotes regeneration of new skin cells, for a healthier more youthful looking skin.





Natural Constipation Relief Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion) is a very natural and gentle tea blend, with calming, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.




Detox Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (infusion) is a delicious herbal tea, created to help you increase your overall health and energy.

Alternatively, try Tonic Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion). 

Detox Invigorating Luxurious Herbal Body Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY promotes   good circulation and helps with the elimination of toxins from the liver and kidney.


Organic Natural Bath Salts is excellent for skin care and for its calming effect on nervous system, easing stress and improving sleep and concentration.


ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Luxurious Herbal Refresh & Protect Hydrating Soap, packed with the delicate floral notes of Peppermint, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Bergamot, not only smells amazing, but it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and well hydrated. 


Energy plus Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion) is a delicious morning tea blend, especially when you need more energy. An extraordinary tea blend with anti-oxidant properties.


Restoring Refreshing Bath Salts with Lavender, Eucalyptus & Lemon by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY helps purify the body and the spirit. It is a natural energiser and has a stimulating effect.


Sport & Fitness Body Oils - Before & After Exercise by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY 




Anti-cellulite Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion) is professionally created to help you combat cellulite and also obtain and maintain a healthy skin.


Total Anti-cellulite System by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY: Therapeutic Luxurious Herbal Oil/Balm + Slimming Herbal Tea Blend, stimulates and accelerates body’s metabolism, dissolves body’s fat, promotes healthy circulation, hydrates the skin, strengthens connective tissue, increases circulation and de-congests sluggish/under-active tissues, strengthens capillaries, tightens skin and reduces water retention.  



Keep your heart healthy with our natural solutions; Healthy Circulatory System Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY  (infusion) is created with the aim to help you maintain a healthy circulatory system. 




Keep your joints healthy with our natural herbal remedies; Healthy Joints Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY 

(Decoction) may be of help to alleviate and prevent arthritis symptoms, such as morning stiffness, easy fatigue, nodules on surface of bones, pain.


Muscles & Joints Massage Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a wonderful and powerful Body Oil, due to its ingredient's synergy, has anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory and pain-killer and relaxing properties.


Organic Natural Bath Salts has detoxifying properties and may easy muscular pain/ arthritis and promotes good circulation.


Sport & Fitness Body Oils - Before & After Exercise by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY are essential Body Oils for athletes and for anyone who practices sport and physical activities, as they have anti-inflammatory, pain relief and muscle relaxant properties.


Pure & Natural Herbal Lumbago Relief Massage Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARYthanks to its ingredients’ synergy, contributes in relieving you from lower back pain.


Organic Natural Pain Relief Balm by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY provides penetrating heat to muscles and joints and delivers fast pain relief to joints and muscles.




Herpes-Cold sores Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion) is a very healthy beverage, full of anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, Vitamins & Minerals, which heal and protect body's cells and molecules. It can help in the treatment of cold sores and combat the herpes simplex virus and shingles. It may also have disease preventing and health promoting properties.


A refreshing, therapeutic lip balm that helps in case of cold sores.




Winter Protection Body Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY 
is a fresh and invigorating Body Oil, which stimulates body’s natural defences and is ideal to help you resist winter’s infections and improve body's natural immunity. 


Organic Cold Relief Balm by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a wonderful natural blend specially formulated to promote easier breathing through those congested times. Comforting and soothing when applied to the chest and back.


Soothing Herbal Lozenges; A winning combination of herbs for mouth-watering flavours, with the therapeutic virtue of five herb blend, for the symptomatic natural relief of mouth and throat infections.




Memory Boost Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion) contains powerful anti-oxidants, which protect against free radicals that can damage brain cells. Regular consumption of Memory Boost Herbal Tea Blend may enhance memory and mental alertness and slow brain ageing.



Relax Herbal Tea Blend by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion) is an excellent aid to reduce nerve tension, excitability, hyperactivity; to subdue relentlessness and induce sleep. Use it before bedtime or with dinner, but also every time you feel that you need it.


Harmony & Relax Body Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a relaxing and lightly scented Body Oil, which has harmonising and balancing properties and will help you to relax and refocus your vital energies after a busy day. 


Harmony & Relax Bath Salts with Vanilla and Sandalwood by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a relaxing bath salt, which has harmonising and relaxing properties that will help you to relax and refocus your vital energies after a busy day.


Relaxing Feet & Legs Massage Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY warms the heart and lightens the mind, while awakens the senses, gives harmony and inner peace. It is a fantastic massage oil that promotes sleep and is ideal for legs and foot massage, after a busy day.


Anti-Stress Body Oil by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is a wonderful calming and relaxing Body Oil that helps relieve stress and tension after a busy and exhausted day, as it is promotes rest and sleep.


Anti-Stress Rebalancing Bath Salts with Bergamot & Sandalwood by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY is effective in anxiety, depression and stress and also in oily, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, spots and boils. 


Comforting Balancing Refreshing Herbal Tea Blend for Menopause by ANTIQUE APOTHECARY (Infusion); A full flavoured and tasty, organic, herbal tea infusion, aiming at helping alleviate and reduce menopausal symptoms, balancing hormone levels and, generally, promoting good health.




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